The Battle Cats on PC: Basic Game Guide

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You have downloaded the game and now excited to take on the world of The Battle Cats! But it’s essential to keep some notes in mind to help you get started! This page is dedicated to that. So, take your time and take in these tips we have for you.

Skills That You Need to Focus On

Most skills are needed in the game, but there are several skills that you should level first. If you have good cats and abilities, your canon is not yet a necessity until later in the game, so don’t worry about it early in the game. Instead, focus on the skills below.

The Battle Cats KB Guide

Cat Research – focusing on this skill will allow you to produce cats faster, which means you can have more cats in the battlefield to fight for you. Therefore, more chances of winning.

Cat Study – this increases the amount of XP that you will receive when you’re done clearing a stage. Although it takes no effect at level 1, from level 2 and after, XP will be increased by 5%. It will be beneficial in the long run. You’ll see.

Cat Energy – this Increases the maximum limit of your Cat Energy, which is the limit of your playing time. Most levels will cost you cat energy to play, except for Challenge Battle, Catamin Stages, and Catclaw Dojo. So, if you want to have more extended playtime, upgrade this.

Worker Cat Efficiency – works like Cat Research, but this increases the generation speed of your cat money. More cat money, more cats. And don’t forget to upgrade your Worker Cat Wallet; this raises the max cash you can have.

Cat Accounting – works like Worker Cat Efficiency, which helps you to earn more money for each enemy that you kill.

Base Health – you might think this is important and must be the reason you are losing. In some cases, no, it isn’t. The thing is, if the enemy gets to your base, you did something wrong, and you didn’t level up your cats right. Try not to use any XP leveling up this right away. Rethink your gameplay.

The Battle Cats Treasure Hunting Guide

Treasures can make things easier for you in battles, and some of the game’s stages are nearly impossible without using these treasures.

Battle Cats Hunting Guide


How do you get them?

You will be able to get random treasures upon playing levels. The game does a Gacha-based system with this, so there’s no telling what you’ll get as a reward. It’ll be based on sheer luck.

Is there a strategy for treasure hunting?

All you can do in this game is to play each level until you get what you want. If you are trying to get gold treasures of a particular group, try to play each level until you get at least a bronze treasure; this way that certain items will be activated.

Which treasures to get?

Gold is the most important, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away the lower tier ones. In the end, every single treasure is essential.


The order of the most valuable resources in The Battle Cats game are; Cat Food, XP, and then Power Up. It’s essential to keep in mind that taking your time playing the game is much more useful than rushing to beat every level.

Battle Cats Resources


Cat Food

Since now that you know Cat Food is the most important thing, they are hard to come by, so you must use it efficiently. Never use cat food to replay a level; these stages in the game will go back eventually. The only thing you should spend it on is getting 11 roll-gachas or guaranteed uber.


XP the second most important resource; beginners don’t argue about this. Play your primary cats up to level 20 on Empire of Cats, and you’ll start to have excess XP. When you get around 1500 cat food for a guaranteed uber, you’ll be able to use all the XP you gained. And you’ll be able to play those new cats! In no time, you’ll have so much XP and cat food for guaranteed uber, and it just goes on and on.


You can farm, and this resource is better used to get XP in stages that give lots of XP. The thing is the amount of XP you gain from the power-up stages is not all impressive and rewarding. Don’t use power-ups to beat stages. Save them for some good guaranteed uber event coming up, and you’d like to get 1500 cat food as soon as possible. Now that you have the necessary knowledge, you can now play The Battle Cats more efficiently!