The Battle Cats 57 Million Breakthrough Campaign Details

The world-famous Kimo-kawaii game the Battle Cats has just broken through the 57 million milestones in downloads. To celebrate this epic achievement, the game’s developer PONOS has prepared multiple activities.

Besides, it’s another activity on top of the regular ones to show their appreciation to the ever-growing community of fans worldwide. The Battle Cats 57 million downloads Breakthrough Campaign was unveiled last February 2, 2021, through the developer’s social media pages.

Throughout this momentous celebration, players of the game can explore a comprehensive collection of special stages from February 1 to February 15. The special stages during the event are as follows:


The Battle Cats


The Battle Cats Seeing Red Stages

Seeing Red Stages features four timed stages that exclusively features red enemies. These stages are known for rewarding players with Cat Tickets and event XP. The final stage of Seeing Red boasts more than just the regular rewards and often provides players with limited items. Check out the names of the stages below.

Stage 1 Seeing Red – Sands of the East

Notable feature: When the base is hit, a boss shockwave and one horn will appear in quick succession

Stage 2 Seeing Red II – Wastes of the West

Notable Feature: Pigge appears at the start followed by St. Pigge the 2nd who will spawn every 40 seconds.

Stage 3 Seeing Red III – Peaks of the South

Notable Feature: Unleashes B.B. Bunny at the start followed by Sir Seals 10 seconds later. Shy boy and more Sir Seals will appear when the enemy base is hit.

Stage 4 Seeing Red ∞ – Ruins of the North

Notable Features: Dark Emperor Nyandam will lead a pack of B.B. Bunnies and one horn at the start of the level. The spawn rate of B.B. Bunnies is 1.7 ~3.3. Thirty seconds into the stage, St. Pigge the 2nd appears with Piggie spawning in 20~30-second intervals. Sir Seals will enter the battlefield after 36.7 seconds, followed by a shy boy 10 seconds later.


The Battle Cats Builder Blitz Stages


The Battle Cats Builders Blitz Stages

Builders Blitz Stages features three maps, each of which comes with its unique challenges. As usual, strategy in unleashing your troops is the key to winning these stages. Check out the maps featured in Builders Blitz Stages below.

Cavern of Comets

Notable Feature: Rewards for completing this map includes bricks and meteorites. The map features red and alien enemies.

Island of Ash

Notable Feature: Rewards for this map includes Beast Bones and Coal. Black and Zombie enemies infest the map.

Strait of Wings

Notable Feature: This map rewards players with feathers, Sprockets, and Gold. Notable enemies include Angel, Metal, and Floating entities.

The Battle Cats: Treasure Festival & Cat Food Presents 

Treasure festival is a random event that allows players to double their chances to get treasures in the primary stages. With the ongoing celebration, players can expect a 15-day treasure festival extravaganza. On top of that is the daily distribution of cat foods as present during the event.

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