The Battle Cats: Defeat Bad Guys with The Xmas Gals

This holiday, it’s time to fight the weird enemies and bad guys of The Battle Cats! Prevent them from taking over the world with the help of your trusted weird cats, ready to defeat them any time! You can choose your line up of weird cats. And because it’s the Christmas Season, you can use the help of the Xmas Gals. In this free-to-play tower defense game, you will learn how to use the cats with their different skills and abilities. The objective is to protect the base while killing all of the weird enemies coming your way.

The Battle Cats has three main stories. Empire of Cats, Into the Future, and Cat of the Cosmos. Each of the main stories contains three chapters. There are also two additional stages, which are the CatClaw Dojo and the Legend Stage. On the Legend Stages, it has multiple levels that are swarmed with enemies. The Catclaw Dojo has a stage to test how many enemies you can kill within a timeframe. All of these make The Battle Cats exciting. But to double down on the fun, the Xmas Gals are here to save the day! Meet them here!

The Battle Cats Xmas Gals

Get to know the Xmas Gals and what they can do to help you! Every gal has different abilities, which can help you protect the cat base while killing all enemies! Choose which Xmas Gals will be able to give you the best help when it’s time for the Uber Showcase.

The Clumsy Yet Tanky Frosty Kai

This girl is known as a clumsy girl, all dressed up to attend a Christmas Party. But she’s more than just that. She is tanky against Aliens and Angels. She is a good tank cat with a great defense. This means she can easily absorb damage like a sponge, and there’s no better tank than her. One of her disadvantages is she has a long recharge time. But all in all, she is a great shield against any enemies. Just make sure to check on her recharge, defense, and speed.

The Cunning Holy Coppermine

Even though she has low range, she can outrange most enemy aliens and angels. She can also freeze or stop the movement of the alien and angel enemies! She also has decent damage per second, and she’s very fast too. Holy also has a fast recharge time.

Even with her mediocre abilities, she is a good Xmas Gal. You can use her to whittle down the HP of enemy bosses as her single target skills can soften up tough enemies. Another tactic is to make use of her debilitating abilities to slow down the horde. Then use your mighty AoE units to bombard them in their tracks.

The Holiday Spirit of Santa Kuu & Yuletide Nurse

Santa Kuu is very strong against angels and aliens. She can be out-ranged by some of her enemies, but she has a decent area attack power. This makes her an awesome support for your attacker stacks. As long as you know how to time her skills well.

The Battle Cats Event

On the other hand, the Yuletide Nurse is an extremely rare cat. you can only get her through the Xmas Gals Gacha Event and 30 Million Downloads Miracle Selection Gacha Event. You need to roll for her at the Rare Cat Capsule. She has decent health and attack power, long-range, and can slow or knock back enemy aliens and angels. She can easily defeat enemy angels and aliens because even with her good attack power, the long-range makes it easier for her to attack and kill opponents.

All in all, these Xmas Gals can help you during the Uber Showcase. They each have unique abilities and skills that can easily defeat enemies. It’s all about how you can strategically use them when the battle begins.

Playing The Battle Cats Game

Battle Cats is one of the most fun and weirdly-exciting casual games available in the online market. You get to watch cute cats go on a rampage while you click away on your screen! It’s one of the iconic titles littered with Japanese-style humor and over-the-top animation! It’s fun for gamers of all ages as it has no graphic violent content. You can even play with friends or strangers around the world! Its developers regularly update the content too with collaborations from multiple anime and game titles!

The best part of it all is it’s free-to-play on PC! You can get access to all its awesome features and events while sitting comfortably in front of your gaming rig! Learning how to play Battle Cats is easy too as it has an in-game tutorial that’ll show you the ropes! If you want to join the fun and become part of this crazy cat fiasco, then you need to play The Battle Cats on PC now!