The Battle Cats Trivia: Fun Things To Know About the Game

The Battle Cats Trivia


Here are some fun facts that you might want to know about the game that you have come to love. Let’s try to take a look at one of the little known facts about The Battle Cats.

Game Title

The game first emerged in Japan with the title Nyanko Daisensou which means Nyanko Great War. When it debuted in the Japanese iOS App store, it was under the title Battle Nekos, which means Battle Cats in English.

Release Dates

The Battle Cats debuted on the Japanese iOS App Store in November 2011. The Android version followed it in December of that same year in Japan and Korea.


Also, the English version came out on iTunes and Google Play stores in 2012. However, both the US Google Play Stores and App Store deleted the app. In September 2014, an improved version was introduced again to the market. Until late 2018, a PC port was available for download, then PONOS Corporation cut the support for it. In 2016, a version for the Nintendo 3DS was out with a title, the Battle Cats POP! The game was also later released in Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Another fun fact, before PONOS, made the release on iOS, released Battle Cats on mobile devices along with a Mission-Pack Sequel that is focused on bear characters, Kumanchu Royale. Some of the units in the game show uncanny resemblance to each other in both games.


Do you know that there are about 500 different cats that you can play within the game? Yes, 500! And 350 playable cats on its Nintendo IP.




Collab Events

With how big the game had become, The Battle Cats had collaborated with some big anime names, games, and other products in its limited time events. The game has partnered up with the Anime shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fate/Stay Night, and Madoka Magica as well. Popular games like Metal Slug and Street Fighter V are also in the game. And some odd collabs like Nissin, Pen Pineapple Pen star PIKOTARO, and Shakurei Planet.

Do you think you know everything about The Battle Cats now? Why don’t we put you on a challenge? You can test your knowledge in this The Battle Cats Trivia.